This Christmas advertisement from Irish hardware store Woodie's DIY is so wholesome that you'll feel like you've just been chopping onions. 

The minute-long commercial, released in 2020, follows Mrs. Higgins, an elderly woman living on Ebeneezer Terrace in Dublin, and is sure to pull on your heartstrings in all the right ways.

The endearing commercial doesn't feature bright lights or clichéd Christmas miracles, rather it showcases the simple and selfless acts of kindness that were littered throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Over the course of a minute, we see that Mrs. Higgins is clearly a very well-liked woman in her local community, with neighbors greeting her amicably on several occasions in the commercial. 

However, the elderly woman is thwarted by a broken hinge in her front gate, forcing the gate to become stiff. 

A local teen spots Mrs. Higgins struggling with the gate and sets forth to do something nice for his elderly neighbor. 

One night, she returns home to find the gate moving seamlessly once more after it has been fitted with a new hinge. 

Perplexed, Mrs. Higgins walks inside as the camera pans around to her young neighbor and his tools. The teen wishes her an inaudible happy Christmas in a touching and endearing moment that reflects the true spirit of Christmas. 

Suzanne Quinn, Marketing and Digital Director at Woodie’s, said in a statement: "We have seen first-hand how the small acts of homemaking have become a part of everyone’s lives, more so now than ever.

"‘Mrs. Higgins’ celebrates these acts of kindness happening across Ireland and the immense sense of community - Team Woodie’s feel privileged to be able to play a small part in helping make that happen." 

First broadcast in 2020, this Christmas 2022 it's still on Irish TV and pulling that nation's heartstrings. So sweet.

* Originally published in 2020, updated in December 2023.