An Irish photographer has captured a snapshot of life during quarantine with a poignant series of photographs of people in their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ruth Medjber is a music photographer who was forced to turn to other haunts when the Irish music industry ground to a halt during the current health crisis. 

Faced with a growing uncertainty of when music venues would reopen across the country, Medjber began documenting life during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Dublin photographer has been taking to the streets every evening at dusk to capture Ireland under COVID-19 lockdown.

She began photographing all of her friends and neighbors who lived within a two-kilometer radius of her home, resulting in this wonderful series of snapshots of homelife during quarantine.  

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Her Grá Sa Bhaile (Love in the home) series captures people from all walks of life. Large families and single households, younger generations and older generations, cat lovers and dog lovers, are all included in the wonderful series which paints a poignant picture of Ireland during this unique moment in time. 

Humanity and relationships are to the fore in this remarkable series that says so much with so little. 

Each evening, I've been popping out with my camera at twilight.🌙 I visit neighbours and friends (new and old) and capture their lives at home during this unique moment in time. I'll post the whole series soon, or you can watch them all in a short video.

— Ruth Medjber 📸 (@ruthlessimagery) April 27, 2020

Medjber posted a compilation of her best photographs to YouTube which was accompanied by Irish group Hedge School's 'Never Leave Anywhere.'

A picture can paint a thousand words they say. Medjber's work does a bit more than that we reckon. 

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