A nine-year-old Irish boy with autism is the country’s latest singing sensation. 

A young Irish boy with autism has become an overnight star after his Mom secretly recorded his amazing singing voice. 

Justin Kiely, 9, from Co Dublin did not speak until he was three years old and his parents avoid playing loud music around him as he doesn’t always like it but his Mom was recently stunned when she heard him singing “Hallelujah.”

“We always knew he had a nice voice, but he was playing last week with his drawings, and was just doing his daily routine. Then he was singing and blew me and his dad away,” his Mom Andrea told the Daily Mail. 

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Thanks everyone for the love and support Justin has got for his little video over the last couple of days we a truly blown away... As I'm sure yous all know Justin has autism and struggles with sound and music most of the time & to hear him sing so beautifully & enjoying the music is just amazing..here's another video of our boy in his little element Tony May Junior ❤❤❤

Publiée par Andrea Kiely sur Vendredi 6 septembre 2019

“He was only in from school and he likes to play with his books and drawings.

“I had the music on. I do have to be careful of what I play because there some songs he doesn't like.

“But then he just started singing, so I turned the music down and took my phone out and recorded him.

“I just want him to be happy. Justin couldn't speak until he was nearly three,” she added. 

“He amazes me every day, so if singing brings him happiness, I want him to sing for the rest of his life.

“Justin is an amazing drawer and said he would like to be an illustrator. He spends most of his day singing and drawing and has a great talent for beatboxing.”

Justin has now started to learn songs from his favorite films and the massive Ed Sheeran fan also hopes to audition for The X Factor one day. 

H/T: Daily Mail 

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