Conor McCann sang during his classmates' recent first communion ceremony

Conor McCann, a 15-year-old Irish teenager with autism, sang a beautiful rendition of ‘What A Wonderful World’ during his recent communion ceremony in Co Down.

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McCann, who was nonverbal until about three years ago, attends the Rathcore school for disabled children and teens.

Speaking with the Irish Mirror, Conor’s mother Ann McCann said: "He was completely nonverbal until 11 when he started using the odd word.”

"Last Saturday he sang at his School holy communion and this was our first time as parents hearing him sing in public."

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Conor's proud mother added: "Great hope for those parents in Autism Awareness Month that miracles do happen.”

"Conor is so still and his eye contact is also amazing. So proud."

Conor’s cousin Colleen said: "I think this is an amazing achievement and want the world to know how proud we are of him and how great the school is for autistic and special needs children."

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Watch Conor McCann sing 'What a Wonderful World' here, courtesy of the McCann family:

Amazing cover of 'What a Wonderful World'

Amazing cover of 'What a Wonderful World' by 15-year-old Conor McCann.

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Well done, Conor!