Google has revealed its annual "Year in Search" results of the most searched for topics of 2022 both globally and regionally. Below you'll find the most popular Googled topics in Ireland of the past year.

Globally, the war in Ukraine, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial, the Will Smith/Chris Rock Oscar slap, and the World Cup all featured prominently.

However, 2022's most searched for term in the world (and in Ireland) was "Wordle," the five-letter word web-based guessing game from The New York Times.

Google also revealed that the year was defined by a "collective search for change and new possibilities." Searches such as "how to change myself" and "how to be better" reached an all time high in 2022.

And beyond the search box, more and more people were able to find what they needed though other means, such as Google Lens, to translate or identify an image, or by asking Assistant, "Hey Google" to learn more.

The Year in Search results are also broken down by country. The most searched for terms for Ireland are listed below.

Here are Ireland's trending people, events, and concerns of 2022:

Overall searches:

1. Wordle

2. Ukraine

3. Queen Elizabeth

4. Aisling Murphy

5. World Cup


1. The Batman

2. Uncharted

3. Thor Love & Thunder

4. Top Gun

5. The Banshees of Inisherin

What is:

1. What is NATO?

2. What is Monkey Pox?

3. What is Wordle?

4. What is an Oligarch?

5. What is an NFT?

To find out more about the trends that defined 2022 both globally and regionally, visit Google's Year in Search website here.