Irish singer Imelda May has shared how her dog Alfie, who recently passed away, saved her daughter’s life when she was an infant.

May revealed the story in a recent interview, reports IHeartDogs. One day Alfie began whining and pacing, unusual behavior for the dog. May followed him and he led her to her baby. The infant had pulled a plastic bag over her head and was struggling to breathe.

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“She had pulled a plastic bag over her face and he would not stop – like Lassie – getting me, running back and forward, whimpering until I followed him and I saw the plastic bag over her face,” said May.

If Alfie hadn’t warned May, her daughter, who is now seven, might not have survived.

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May has also shared how the Alfie was by her side through every step of her music career. He even had his own bunk on her tour bus.

During the coronavirus lockdown, the 13-year-old dog became ill, possibly from a stroke. Saying goodbye to Alfie was devastating for May but because of the pandemic, the situation was even more difficult. May had to say goodbye to Alfie in the parking lot of the vet’s office.

My Alfie is home. Thank you so much for all your kindness. #healing #doglove

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“Obviously, people are losing human family members, but he was certainly a family member,” said May. “It has been horrible. When it happened, we couldn’t go inside the vets. It was me kneeling on the ground of a car park in the dark.”

May decided to have Alfie cremated and is holding on to the ashes for now as she may be moving soon.

On Facebook, May wrote: “Rest in Peace my dearest darling Alfie. My Gent. I will love you forever.”

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