Amy Chozick claims presidential hopeful drank more than any president since FDR, in her new book Chasing Hillary.

Hillary Clinton liked a drink more than any president since FDR a new book on her 2016 presidential run reveals. FDR liked at least two cocktails before dinner and at least one after historians say.

Amy Chozick, who spent ten years covering Clinton first for the Wall Street Journal, then the NY Times, says Hillary would have been the booziest president since FDR,” in her book Chasing Hillary, a 375-page account.

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“Beset by stereotypes that she is a hall-monitor type, buttoned up and bookish, churchgoing and dutiful, but not much fun at a keg party, in reality, Mrs. Clinton enjoys a cocktail – or three – more than most previous presidents,” said Chozick.

Clinton admitted after her shock loss herself she’d had a drink or two or three

“I’m doing OK,” she said at a commencement speech at Wellesley College over a year ago. “I won’t lie: Chardonnay helped a little, too!”

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“It wasn’t all yoga and breathing: I also drank my share of chardonnay,” she admits in her book, "What Happened."

“Friends advised me on the power of Xanax and raved about their amazing therapists,” she said. “But that wasn’t for me. Never has been.”