Cheese and alcohol? Yes, please

Boozy cheese, the latest food trend, is popping up everywhere these days, and we say bring it on!  Here are some of our favorite booze-infused cheeses:

Kerrygold Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey - This delicious treat is described as “rich and creamy” with “unique undertones of the smooth, woody and nutty taste of pure Irish Whiskey.”  Kerrygold cheese can be readily found in most stores.

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Kerrygold Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey.

Kerrygold Aged Cheddar with Irish Whiskey.

Murray’s Cavemaster Special Edition Cask, from Murray’s Cheese, is a scotch-inspired cheese made with The Macallan, a luxury single malt whisky. The flavor of this special edition cheese is described as “mellow and smooth with toasty notes of peanut butter and buttermilk” and “delicately creamy with just a hint of dark fruit.”

The cheese is only available for a limited time and can be purchased online at for $29.

More collabs! Murray's teamed up with @USMacallan for a special edition of our best selling Cavemaster Reserve Greensward. We call it "Cask" and it's got toasty notes of peanut butter and buttermilk, along with some oak flavors. In NYC and online. Details:

— Murray's Cheese (@MurraysCheese) June 26, 2019

If whiskey isn’t your thing, Murray’s Cheese also has a Ubriaco pinot rose cheese. According to the product description, the “aged cow’s milk cheese is a rose-rinded wheel that's bathed in sparkling wine, which delivers a fruity aroma and the flavor profile of a sweet, white vintage…”

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Earlier this year, discount supermarket chain Aldi released a collection of limited edition beer- and whiskey-infused cheeses for St. Patrick’s Day, including Irish Cheddar with Beer and Irish Cheddar with Whiskey.

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