Ireland’s favorite takeaway food comes is from the chipper, according to new statistics from Flipdish.

Flipdish, an online ordering platform based in Dublin, has revealed Ireland’s most popular foods during lockdown.

Fish and chips shops received 26 percent of all orders, with the most popular item being chips, which 19 percent of customers added to their orders. At 15 percent, the second most popular item was curry or garlic sauce. 

Flipdish’s statistics come from orders taken between December 20, 2020 and April 28, 2021, reports The Irish Times.

The next most popular items ordered were Chinese/Thai and pizza, each receiving 11 percent of orders. The most popular pizza type was Margherita, and the most popular dish ordered from Chinese/Thai restaurants was egg-fried rice.

The top 10 types of food ordered online in Ireland
1 Chipper 26 percent
2 Chinese/Thai 11 percent
3 Pizza 11 percent
4 Restaurant/bar/grill 8 percent
5 Burgers 4 percent
6 Indian 3 percent
7 Sushi 2 percent
8 Lunch/deli 2 percent
9 Butcher 1 percent
10 Greek 1 percent
Via the Flipdish platform from December 20th, 2020, to April 28th, 2021

The top 10 single items ordered online in Ireland
1 Chips 19 percent
2 Sauce 15 percent
3 Burger 15 percent
4 Pizza 6 percent
5 Sausage 6 percent
6 Coca-Cola 5 percent
7 Kebab 4 percent
8 Curry 4 percent
9 Fish 3 percent
10 Milkshake 3 percent
Via the Flipdish platform from December 20th, 2020, to April 28th, 2021

Founded in 2015, Flipdish says its online ordering platform enables customers to order directly from restaurants, keeping money in the local economy.  The company's technology is used in over 15 countries,  with over 500 brands in Ireland using the platform.