Tayto has released two limited-edition - and very Irish - flavors of crisps ahead of St. Patrick's Day.

The famous Irish crisp company has released a Bacon and Cabbage flavor along with a Beef Stew edition. 

Tayto, which is the biggest crisp company in the country by some distance, has been prone to releasing some unusual, limited-edition flavors in the past. 

In 2018, Tayto released a Spice Bag-flavored crisp, capitalizing on the huge popularity of the dish found in Chinese takeaways around Ireland. 

The news is out 😱 My new limited edition flavours are just like mammy’s dinners but in a crisp. 😋You need to try to believe 😉 https://t.co/uO56CPTEp7

— Mr.Tayto Ireland (@MrTaytoIreland) February 19, 2020

The spice bag is arguably the most popular takeaway dish in Ireland and features a literal bag of deep-fried chicken, fries, and onions - all seasoned with salt and chili.  

Last year, Tayto proved again that they had their finger on the pulse of Irish fast-food trends when they released a curry chip flavor and a hot wings-flavored crisp. 

Like the spice bag, curry chips are found in almost all Chinese takeaways across the country and the dish is hugely popular. Hot wings, meanwhile, have grown in prominence in recent years and a slew of new rotisseries have opened in Dublin City Center. 

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But Tayto's most recent release is a nod to two more traditional, and wholesome, Irish dishes. 

Both bacon and cabbage and Irish stew are staple dishes for many Irish people in the midst of winter.  Beef stew is a concoction of beef, vegetables, and stock designed to warm people on even the very coldest days, while beef and cabbage is an age-old classic dish. 

The new releases have received a fairly mixed reaction on social media, with many questioning whether their release was an early April Fool's Day prank. 

"Ok, this is just wrong. I feel like a crime has been committed here," one Twitter user said. 

The crisps are already on sale in stores across Ireland and will be there until St Patrick's Day at the very least. Try them before they're gone. 

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