These Irish treats and snacks hold a special place in our hearts, especially during Christmas time.  

After doing a straw poll among the staff here in our NYC office, here is a rundown of some of the most popular requests from Irish people living abroad.


Barry's Tea (

Barry's Tea (

There is nothing like a strong cup of Irish tea. Whether it’s Lyons or Barry’s, a few tea bags over the holidays would never go amiss.

Rashers and Sausages

Longing for the smell of cooking Irish rashers? A full Irish breakfast is a perfect meal to remind you of home comforts.

Brown bread

A good, wholesome slice of brown bread, smothered in Irish butter!  Brown bread mix is also the perfect way to create an Irish favorite in your own home.

Jacob’s Chocolate Kimberley

Food Ireland describes them as  the ‘Best Selling Tinned Cookie in Ireland.’ Soft biscuits filled with white mallow and covered with Milk Chocolate. They will get a quick death!

Tayto Crisps

Despite there being hundreds of chips (we call them crisps in Ireland), nothing beats a bag of cheese and onion.

Spaghetti hoops

Spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce – perfect comfort food! While these are actually a British export, they remain popular among ex-pats.

Roses Chocolates

In Ireland, it’s hard to find a Christmas tree that doesn’t have a tin of Roses underneath it. So it’s no surprise they are a favorite abroad too.

Irish butter

The Irish bread is nothing without some homegrown butter!

Sliced Pan

A good sliced pan of local bread is a great companion for a full Irish breakfast.

Lily O'Brien's Chocolates

The brainchild of mother Mary Ann O'Brien, these Irish chocolates serve as the perfect treat over the holidays.

*Originally published in December 2012. Updated in December 2023.

What Irish foods and treats do you miss the most at Christmas time?