Say 'Slainte!' with these festive Irish flag shots for St. Patrick's Day.

March 17 is nearly upon us, so it's time to learn how to make an Irish flag shot for St. Patrick's Day!

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a great tradition and an excellent excuse to party in the middle of March. Drinks will be flowing from nearly dusk til dawn on St. Patrick's Day, so take the time to impress your friends with this festive Irish flag shot.

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Irish flag shots recipe


  • 1 part crème de menthe
  • 1 part Baileys Irish cream
  • 1 part Grand Marnier


In a tall shooter glass, pour the crème de menthe in the bottom third.

Next, layer the Baileys by pouring it on the back of a bar spoon, to about two-thirds full.

Lastly, layer the Grand Marnier on top.

Don’t be discouraged if this takes a couple of attempts to master. Angling the spoon to touch right above the previous layer seems to help. Also, this won’t work if you reverse the order of the layers.

Take a moment to stand back and marvel at your amazing bartending skills before downing your Irish Flag Shooter.

The Irish Flag Shot can be a little tricky if you’re new to layering. Take your time and don’t rush. 

It should take about three minutes, maybe less, to pull off this cool visual trick. The Irish Flag Shooter is a representation of Ireland’s flag.

The layers of green, white, and orange actually have a deeper symbolism than just three colors picked at random - learn more about the flag of Ireland here.

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* Originally published in March 2014.

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