You might be surprised to learn that Ireland is home to no shortage of delicious pizzerias.

From sourdough to stuffed crust, delivered in a cardboard box or served up in a fancy restaurant, Betway has compiled a list of the best pizza spots across the Emerald Isle.

Researchers measured the popularity of each pizzeria by a unique index score, which was generated by the number of hashtags each location has racked up on Instagram, as well Google and Tripadvisor reviews.

The lower the overall index score the higher the ranking - pizza spots from Galway, Dublin, Killarney, and Limerick came out on top!

Voted as the best Pizzeria in Ireland in 2022, The Dough Bros in Galway serve up a Neapolitan style dough in wood-fired ovens, and their highly-rated pizzas place them top of the rankings with a total index score of 5. 

Situated in the heart of Dublin and placing narrowly behind with a total index score of 6, Paulie's Pizza in Dublin ranks second in the table.

Located not too far away is Da Mimmo, also situated in Dublin, who placed third with an index score of 11.

Piccolo Pizza and OSTERIA da Simone complete the top five, with respective index scores of 13 and 14. 

Top 10 most popular pizza restaurants in Ireland:

  1. The Dough Bros, Galway 
  2. Paulie's Pizza, Dublin
  3. Da Mimmo, Dublin
  4. Piccolo Pizza, Killarney
  5. OSTERIA da Simone, Galway
  6. Woozza Wood Fired Pizza, Galway/The Caddyshack, Killarney 
  7. Tango Street Food, Killarney/ La Bella Donna, Donegal/PI George's Street, Dublin/ Sextons Bar, Limerick 
  8. Palmento, Cork
  9. Mamma Rosa's Pizzeria, Donegal
  10. Oak Fire Pizza, Cork