Dublin has ranked as one of the best European cities for gluten-free dining, in a new report published by Travel Lingual.

The detailed study, which provides an invaluable resource for travelers adhering to specific dietary restrictions, reveals the European capitals with the most gluten-free choices.

Dublin came fourth on the list, with a total of 695 restaurants with gluten-free options.

London came out top in the rankings, with an impressive 3210 restaurants offering gluten-free alternatives.

Most shocking was Rome in second place. Best known for gluten-rich dishes such as pasta and pizza, Italy's capital offered a surprising 1462 gluten-free restaurants.

Some of the smaller European cities punch above their weight when it comes to offering gluten-free options per capita. Dublin and Lisbon have around half a million populations but boast over 110 gluten-free eateries per 100,000. Per capita, this is almost three times as many as London.

Commenting on the findings, James Smith, owner of Travel Lingual, the popular travel blog, said: "These results underscore the dynamic culinary landscapes of European capitals. It's not only about the number of gluten-free options available but also the diversity of these offerings.

"This study will undoubtedly benefit gluten-free travellers looking to explore Europe's gastronomic delights without worry."

Here are the top 10 cities, along with the number of restaurants with gluten free options in each city.

1. London - 3210

2. Rome -1462

3. Madrid -1224

4. Dublin - 695

5. Amsterdam - 639

6. Lisbon - 569

7. Paris - 548

8. Berlin - 463

9. Viena - 403

10. La Valeta- 380

The data for this study was independently collected and analyzed from TripAdvisor and up-to-date population statistics sourced by the researchers. While the figures were accurate at the time of the study's publication in May 2023, they may be subject to change as restaurant offerings and populations evolve.

For more information, visit travel-lingual.com.