Excuse me!?

Have you not seen any of IrishCentral’s videos?

The Perfect Pour expert himself, Ambassador for Guinness Mark McGovern, explains how to pour a Guinness and why it’s done in such a manner.

See at first we read BuzzfeedUK’s article about Guinness and we were like:

But then we were like:

And then we were like:

So now we’re like:

First of all, how rude!

Okay, look, the two part pour allows for the foamy ‘head’ to form, it is also known as ‘the top part’ to anyone who isn’t fluent in beer.

The dark, ruby beer has a complex taste with notes of caramel that are sweet and a hint of roasted barley. The combo makes for the famous, heavenly taste. It is well known, the head is the most bitter part of the beer and that is why it is important to drink through the head to the sweet stuff.

I understand being in a bad way for a pint after a long day, but with Guinness the wait truly is worth it. If you don’t wait for the transformation to be completed, you have yourself a pint of a slightly alcoholic, muddy, penny flavored water substitute.  So, if that’s what you’re after, by all means please do not wait.

But while you are drinking whatever that comes out to be, we’ll be over here like: