They are the world famous barmen who have conquered the hospitality industry but now the Belfast men behind the Dead Rabbit pub in Manhattan are turning their attention to the virtual world.

Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry are launching a “Dead Rabbit app” so fans of the bar can keep up to date with what is going on in the bar.

Key features include video via the Dead Rabbit YouTube channel, PDFs of all Dead Rabbit comic book menus, an online store, and regular news updates.

The Push Notification feature means users will be alerted quickly and efficiently of any upcoming events including menu launches and pop-ups.

Sean Muldoon said the content was free and it was a new way to connect with customers and fans.

“We’re excited to be doing something new with our technology - providing a free resource for our guests which enables us to communicate with them in a more efficient way.

“App users will be amongst the first to be notified of anything new… and we have a lot of new, exciting stuff coming up.”

Digital Marketing Manager Rebekkah Dooley said: “The idea behind the app is to bring all of our online resources to one platform, and then to put that platform in the hand of our guests, effectively improving the user experience. Our goal is to supply our guests with a more efficient, streamlined resource that they can access quickly and for free.”

The Dead Rabbit App is free and available to download via Google Play and the App Store – just search “dead rabbit NYC.”

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The last six months has been busy for Ardoyne native Sean, and his business partner Jack, who grew up in Ligoniel.

In October, the Downtown Manhattan hostelry was crowned the “World’s Best Bar” and the duo then featured on a CNN travel special where they took the channel on a pub crawl of Belfast.

They are currently touring Cuba and have announced plans for a pop-up bar in Claridges Hotel in London.

In January, Sean told the Irish Echo that despite their globetrotting, Belfast would always be home.

“We're extremely proud Belfast men. I know some people reading this would say you couldn't be that proud if you left it but I think the opposite.

“We've taken the best elements of back home and built them into The Dead Rabbit and talk about Belfast on glowing terms anytime we're asked.

“Unfortunately, we had to leave Belfast to pursue our dreams and break through our professional ceiling at the time.

“We're now beginning to invest in talented professionals from back home to come over and join us. We love going back home and seeing how the city is developing.”


This article originally featured in the Irish Echo. You can read more from them here.