The Irish are renowned storytellers and Halloween is our time to shine!

The storytelling tradition in Ireland goes back to ancient times, when the Seanchaí – Irish storytellers – were the definition of entertainment, holding the key to all of Irish folklore, myth, and legend. 

The tradition survives strong today, from the lore surrounding the Blarney Stone to storytelling festivals, to everyday conversation. 

This Halloween, we want you to unleash your inner storyteller and tell us your scariest stories and spoooookiest encounters.

Is there a chilling tale that's been passed down in your family? 

Have you ever visited a haunted place or had an encounter that terrified or confounded you with its supernatural explanation? 

Or, maybe you have a photo that accidentally captured some paranormal activity or a video with some ghostly going ons

Tell us! Leave a note here in the comment section, or email 

On Halloween, we'll pick the scariest of the stories to spotlight and share so we can all have scares a-plenty.