A bride from County Kerry has discovered her wedding day will be very complicated because she's getting married in the same area as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Her mum has even written a letter to Queen Elizabeth! 

As is if planning a wedding wasn't stressful enough to begin with - imagine finding out there's going to be a royal wedding at the same time and all of the roads will be closed. 

That's what happened to happy couple Celé Brits and Lawrence Mason. They got engaged last September and planned their wedding for May 19 at Tudor Barn in Burnham, which just so happens to be a short drive from Windsor. 

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That fact wasn't significant until December 2017, when another couple announced their plans to wed on the same day - Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

They've been warned that roads in the area will be closed, their guests may need special permits to gain access, and securing accommodation for their guests - most of whom are coming from Kerry - has been vital with an extra 100,000 people expected to descend on the Windsor area for the big day. 

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Brits, an operating room nurse in London, was born in South Africa but her family moved to Killarney, Co. Kerry in 2001 and she attended primary and secondary school there. Her parents still live in Killarney. Mason, her husband-to-be, is British, from Nottingham. 

Her mother, Jeanne, has been a vocal advocate for their predicament - going so far as to write a letter to  Queen Elizabeth. 

She told The Kerryman newspaper: "Celé is getting married in Burnham while Prince Harry is getting married in Windsor. They are in the same district. We don’t know what to expect but we know that where we are staying is a crucial road.

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“We will be traveling the same route [as the royal family] and our predicament is that the roads will be closed. We weren’t expecting this crowd around London for the day.

"The police are telling us that permits might be needed.”

In the letter, she congratulated the royal couple and asked the Queen for some advice, mother to mother. 

"We congratulated them on their big day but we were also raising concerns around traveling and the possibility of the security checks," she said. 

"We just want to know from the Queen can she give us a bit of guidance of what to expect.

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“It is very stressful. My biggest fear is that Celé may have to wait for us and the guests to arrive."

Here's hoping the Queen writes her back!

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