Bono paid quite a tribute to Irish political leader John Hume, who passed away last week at the age of 83.

Hume, a native of Derry, died with a lifetime of historic achievements to his credit, chief among them, of course, the peace process in Northern Ireland.

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To pay homage to Hume, Bono, frontman for U2, penned a lovely verse that was read out at John Hume’s funeral in Derry on August 5.

Bono's poem for John Hume reads:

We were looking for a giant and found a man whose life made all our lives bigger.

We were looking for some superpowers and found clarity of thought, kindness and persistence.

We were looking for revolution and found it in parish halls with tea and biscuits and late night meetings under fluorescence.

We were looking for a negotiator who understood that no-one wins unless everyone wins...and that peace is the only victory.

We were looking for joy and heard it in the song of a man who loved his town so well and his missus even more.

We were looking for a great leader and found a great servant.

We found John Hume.”

On August 3, the day that Hume passed away, Bono also shared a sketch of the Irish politician and peacemaker on U2’s Twitter feed.

On the sketch, Bono included one of Hume's greatest quotes: “Ireland is not a romantic dream; it is not a flag; it is 4.5 million people divided into two powerful traditions. The solution will be found not on the basis of victory for either, but on the basis of agreement and a partnership between both. The real division of Ireland is not a line drawn on the map, but in the minds and hearts of its people.” 

There goes the greatest servant leader of them all… RIP John Hume

— U2 (@U2) August 3, 2020

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