A new TG4 documentary spotlights beekeeper Paddy Ó Fiannachta, who has dedicated his life to preserving the Native Irish Black Bee population.

Prepare to be inspired by Paddy’s extraordinary story in "Paddy na Meachain," a film coming to TG4 later this month.

This heartfelt documentary, set on the west coast of Ireland, showcases Paddy’s mission to protect these bees, shedding light on the challenges they face and the significance they hold for both him and the local ecosystem.

A synopsis of the film reads: "Paddy, a seasoned beekeeper, possesses a face that tells countless stories of his storied past. Having found solace in the therapeutic and calming presence of bees after a difficult period in his life, he now feels an immense responsibility to protect the Native Irish Black Bee from the encroachment of the yellow bee.

"As a steadfast observer of nature, Paddy has always been wary of unnecessary interference. He understands the importance of maintaining harmony with the environment and believes that a close connection to nature is a remedy for the mind. Paddy’s advice resonates deeply: “Go out and listen to the wind shaking the trees. For me that’s a type of music that warms the heart, a natural symphony accompanied by the songs of the cuckoo and sparrows.”

"Motivated by his love for these bees and his profound connection to the West coast’s natural beauty, Paddy embarks on a momentous journey. His unwavering determination leads him and his good friend John O’Halloran to take on the ambitious task of introducing the native Irish black bees to the island of Inishbofin, located seven miles off the Irish coast. This island offers a safe haven where the yellow bees cannot venture, ensuring the security and survival of the black bee population.

"Through this captivating documentary viewers will witness Paddy’s commitment unfold in mesmerizing detail, as he educates and emboldens others to join him in his noble cause. Guided by a sense of purpose and armed with his deep understanding of nature, Paddy becomes a beacon of hope for the preservation of an important indigenous species."

"Paddy na Meachain" airs on TG4 on Saturday December 30 at 9:20pm.