Shamrock marathon proposal brought an extra bit of St Patrick's Day cheer to Virginia Beach this March 17. 

Just when we thought we'd had our fill of feel-good St Patrick's Day stories for 2019 with the news of the 9-year-old Irish boy who rented a hotel room with his pocket money so his granny could watch the parade in Cork, along comes the Shamrock marathon proposal!

While getting to the end of a half-marathon is an achievement in itself for many of us, reaching the finish line carried its own battle for Jason Williams who dropped to his knee to propose to long-time girlfriend Mallory Jester. 

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Jester was presented with a marathon medal that read "Mallory Jester, will you marry me?" while Williams struggled against his lack of breath post-run to get out the words "I love you so much, will you? yes?"

There were cheers from the crowd as a shaken Jester said "yes!" and the Shamrock Marathon proposal was complete. 

"I ran out the nerves," Williams told 

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