Sitting in the audience watching her boyfriend take part in Jeopardy, Maria Schafer was taken aback when the camera panned around to her.

We’ve seen marriage proposals with a pint of Guinness to one on a beach doing yoga but could anything be as great as asking some to marry you live on TV. And on Jeopardy, no less!

Irish American Maria Schafer was in the audience to watch her boyfriend Michael take part in the show but was taken aback when the camera turned to her as he popped the question. Host Alex Trebek explained that he didn’t have any notes on Michael so he was going to allow the contestant to take the lead with his intro, as Michael turned to the audience to address Maria.

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The Irish American woman, who now lives in Orlando, Florida, lived in Ireland for seven years when she was younger and her father Brian Keane is from Co Westmeath.

While she first puts her hands over her face, Maria quickly said yes, even playing along with the rules of the TV game show.

Best of luck to them both!