Ryan Reynolds (46) and Hugh Jackman (54) have both posted still of their characters, Deadpool and Wolverine on the set of "Deadpool 3" on their Instagram stories.

Reynolds, aka Deadpool, and Jackman, who plays Wolverine / Logan, have been filming the upcoming Marvel movie "Deadpool 3." The posted still from the movie set of them casually chatting and acting.

Fans of the comic book series seem pretty pleased with Wolverine's new movie costume which closely mimics that of the comic book hero. 

Reynolds posted the caption "Don't blink" and included animations of their characters below the photo.

According to the Standard, there are rumors that "Deadpool 3" is being filmed in the United Kingdom to facilitate Reynolds who is the co-owner of Wrexham AFC with "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" star Rob McElhenney and has management responsibilities at the club.

Back in May, the Hollywood Reporter announced that "Deadpool 3" was in production in London. The movie marks the Deadpool character's introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The two previous films were made by 21st Century Fox, which was acquired by Disney in March 2019.

It's also the first time Deadpool and Wolverine appear in the MCU together, however, Deadpool did appear in the 2009 "X-Men Origins: Wolverine."

Wolverine fans are also being assured that his appearance in "Deadpool 3" would not jeopardize the character's arc, as Logan died in the Oscar-nominated movie "Logan."

In a video about "Deadpool 3," Reynolds pointed out that "Logan takes place in 2029, totally separate thing.

"Logan died in 'Logan'. Not touching that."

The cast of the upcoming movie is stellar with Jennifer Garner reclaiming her role as Elektra. Matthew Macfadyen, famed for "Pride and Prejudice" and "Succession," Rob Delaney of "Catastrophe," and Emma Cronin from "The Crown" are just a few of the cast members in the ensemble movie. 

"Deadpool 3" is expected in theaters May 3, 2024.