People in Ireland have taken to Twitter to respond to RTÉ’s new two-part documentary “The Hunger,” narrated by Liam Neeson, which was released to mark the 175th anniversary of the Great Irish Famine.

"The Hunger" has now aired on RTÉ in Ireland in its two parts, the first which aired on November 30 chronicled 1845-1847, while the second, while aired on December 7, followed 1847-1852.

In that period, more than one million people died in Ireland while a further two million left the country to go abroad. Today, Ireland is the only country in the western world with a population lower than it had in the 1840s, according to RTÉ.

"In the 7 years of the Famine more than half a million people were evicted from their homes."#TheHunger - The Story of the Irish Famine concludes tonight at 9.35pm

— RTÉ One (@RTÉOne) December 7, 2020

The new documentary, described as "a challenging, in-depth, and comprehensive assessment of the worst humanitarian disaster of the 1800s," is presented by Tyrone Productions and Create One with RTÉ and ARTÉ, in association with University College Cork and the Atlas of the Great Irish Famine.

Both episodes of “The Hunger” have now aired and people in Ireland have flocked to Twitter to share their impressions:

"Must be seen"

The superb ‘Hunger’ documentary must be seen by everyone - including those who dismiss Ireland’s ‘famine’ being defined as a ‘genocide’. We learned instead the word ‘geno-slaughter’ - ‘murder that lacks the planning and official hallmark of genocide’. #TheHunger #Genoslaughter

— Paddy Cullivan (@paddycullivan) December 8, 2020

"Gut punch," "essential viewing"

Just watched the second part of #TheHunger. It's a gut punch. Essential viewing.

— Conor Gallagher (@ConorGallaghe_r) December 8, 2020

"Harrowing," "enraging"

Me watching the last episode of the Hunger.
The British empire was just pure, pure evil.
Harrowing and enraging. #TheHunger

— Collie Ennis 🕷 (@collieennis) December 8, 2020

"Essential but upsetting"

As you would suspect #theHunger on @RTÉOne is an essential but upsetting watch. I go from saying God love them one second to God forgive them the next. Brilliant Doc but tough watch. #thefamine #remenber

— Baz Ashmawy (@bazashmawy) November 30, 2020


Compelling viewing @RTÉ now, featuring The Great Famine, beautifully illustrated & narrated by #LiamNeeson . How our ancestors suffered at the hands of the British Empire. #thehunger #famine

— Seán Kelly MEP (@SeanKellyMEP) November 30, 2020

"Enthralling and disturbing"

Liam Neeson’s narration of the Story of The Irish Famine coupled with the emotive and evocative imagery makes #TheHunger enthralling and disturbing viewing.

— Justin McNulty (@JustinMcNu1ty) November 30, 2020

"Poignant," "emotive"

Poignant, emotive and evocative insight into the human faces and lives of the Great Famine. Liam Neeson’s narration coupled with the amazing imagery makes #thehunger a much-watch!

— Judy Bolger (@JudyBolger) November 30, 2020


#TheHunger is superbly put together so far - an utterly harrowing watch that makes establishment Ireland's obsession with not offending the British, all the more baffling and embarrassing.

— Good Tadhg-ings!🎄 (@TadhgHickey) November 30, 2020


Watched #TheHunger tonight mainly because I've just been studying Famine with younger son for Junior Cert. Despite that trigger warning, it left me furious and incredulous and bereft. @RTÉ I hope you sell this to @BBCOne I honestly think most people in UK still have no idea.

— nick kelly (@nickgestation) November 30, 2020

"Incredibly powerful"

The Hunger on RTÉ One just now was incredibly powerful.

— Colm Tobin (@colmtobin) December 7, 2020

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