Robert De Niro will star as a former American president in the upcoming conspiracy theory thriller series "Zero Day" for Netflix.

In "Zero Day," De Niro stars as George Mullen, who, according to Variety, is described as “a massively popular, but complicated, former American President who is pulled from retirement to head a commission tasked with investigating a devastating global cyber-attack.”

"Zero Day" was announced by Netflix in early March, and now the rest of the star-studded cast has begun to be revealed.

De Niro will be joined in the six-episode series by Jesse Plemons ("Power of the Dog", "Fargo,") Connie Britton ("White Lotus," "Friday Night Lights,") Joan Allen ("Bourne Ultimatum," "The Contender,") and Lizzy Caplan ("Fleishman Is in Trouble," "Now You See Me 2.")

"Zero Day," which is set to be filmed in New York, does not have a release date.

In the show, De Niro’s character George Mullen is a former American President who exits retirement in order to help lead an investigation into a global cyber attack. Caplan plays his daughter Alexandra, a congresswoman who consciously separated herself from her father.

Allen plays Sheila, the former first lady and federal bench nominee, who seemingly had to put her career goals to the side to support her husband. Plemons stars as Mullen’s former “body man."

The official Netflix summary reads: "'Zero Day' asks the question on everyone’s mind — how do we find truth in a world in crisis, one seemingly being torn apart by forces outside our control? And in an era rife with conspiracy theory and subterfuge, how much of those forces are products of our own doing, perhaps even of our own imagining?"

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Meet the key players in the upcoming conspiracy thriller Zero Day:

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De Niro, who starred in the Netflix smash hit "The Irishman," has some often overlooked Irish roots.

Three of De Niro’s grandparents had Irish ancestry and the legendary actor himself even traveled around Ireland as a teenager in the 1960s. His father, Robert Sr, was half-Irish from his mother Helen O’Reilly’s side of the family, who are all Irish.

When he was on his 1962 trip as a 19-year-old, De Niro said he didn’t find any of his distant Irish relatives, but has said in the past that he is trying his best to track down his Irish connection.

Helen O’Reilly was completely Irish and traces her roots back to her own grandparents who escaped Ireland during the Potato Famine of the 1840s. They were Edward and Margaret O’Reilly, and John and Mary Burns.

Where the ‘De Niro’ comes in, however, was when his grandmother married World War I veteran and second-generation Italian, Henry De Niro.

De Niro is continuing to explore his Irish roots.