Discovered by British photographer Perry Ogden, Paddy and Liam Doran are the subject of a new photography book and have been snapped up by the likes of Burberry, Fred Perry, H&M and Kent & Curwen.

Teenage brothers Paddy and Liam Doran are set to be modeling superstars.

The brothers, who are members of the Irish traveling community, were discovered as children by English photographer Perry Ogden, after his former partner invited their family to stay in the land around the back of her house. Now living in Co. Kildare, Paddy, 16, and Liam, 15, are the subject of a new photography book created by Ogden and named in their honor.

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They’ve also had bookings with some of the world’s biggest brands with thanks to Ogden’s photography, shooting with the likes of Burberry, Fred Perry, H&M and being hand-selected by David Beckham himself for a campaign with Kent & Curwen.

Ogden’s new book “Paddy & Liam,” released on March 16, 2018, with its New York launch taking place later in March, photographs the redhead brothers and captures their development during their formative teenage years, as well as capturing the Ireland that they are growing up in.

“We've been photographed since [we were younger] and now it's just normal for us, for Perry to call us and say 'do you want to do a shoot,'" Liam explained when he and his brother appeared with Ogden on RTÉ’s Late Late Show.

“I would like to do [modeling] full-time,” added Paddy.

“People taking photos and getting good pay it's not bad like!”

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Odgen originally moved to Ireland in 1985 and was fascinated by the traveling community, who were officially recognized as an ethnic minority in Ireland last year.

“It's the sense of being an outsider, and in some sense, I was a bit of an outsider as well,” he said.

It was Ogden who recommended the brothers to David Beckham after meeting the pair through their parents Tommy and Mary.

“When they were about nine or ten I was asked to do a story about anything I wanted in Ireland and I thought it would be great to photograph Liam and Paddy,” he said.

“I thought it was an interesting story and their parents were looking to get housed. They were having problems getting housed, and Paddy and Liam were the first generation of their family to have a primary education, and they had a great story.

“They were great looking guys, they had striking faces and were full of energy and I thought there was something great here.

“I thought these images would make a very interesting book documenting that period of time from age ten to 16, which is such a transformative period in your life, a time when you are making discoveries and developing passions.

“I also wanted to reflect on the Ireland they were born into and the Ireland in which they are becoming adults.”

The New York launch of "Paddy & Liam" will take place on Wednesday, March 28, in Dashwood Books on Bond Street from 6-8pm. Perry Ogden will be present to sign copies of the book. "Paddy & Liam" will be able to purchase from Dashwood books from Wednesday onward here or can be purchased from IDEA