Irish musician Niall Horan has named his favorite Irish artists at present, stating that Irish music is in a "good spot."

Horan, the Co Westmeath native and former One Direction star, told Rolling Stone UK that the success of Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice was a "huge inspiration" for him. 

"I think as a singer-songwriter, hearing Damien Rice – the album O specifically – for the first time, was a game-changer for me," Horan, who recently released his third solo album "The Show," told Rolling Stone. 

"Huge inspiration, as an Irish [singer], coming from a small place and realizing that it’s doable."

Listing some of his favorite Irish contemporaries, Horan singled out Dermot Kennedy and Hozier, adding that Kennedy is "absolutely nailing it at the moment."

Dermot Kennedy. (Getty Images)

Dermot Kennedy. (Getty Images)

He also listed Dublin group Inhaler - headed by Bono's son Elijah Hewson - as one of the best acts on the Irish music scene at present, stating that they have "really caught people's attention."

Horan also paid tribute to fellow Mullingar natives the Academic, describing them as a "really cool" indie band, while he said singer-songwriter Amy Michelle was a "really good lyricist" with "dark and spooky" lyrics. 

Horan reflected on his own musical achievements, stating that he had gotten "the good end of the stick."

"I’ve achieved a lot in my young life, but I’m still fired up to do as much as I can," the 29-year-old Irish superstar said.

"My career has felt so good because it reminds me of everything I thought the music industry would be when I was a kid. I got the good end of the stick [in terms of] traveling the world and playing to millions. And I still want more of that."