Okay, it’s no surprise that the British monarchy is traditional and all, but c’mon a woman has been at the helm for decades! Why shouldn't Harry and Megan’s future kids hold their proper place in the family?

We’re not ashamed to say it: we’re still living for all things Harry and Meghan at the moment. They’ve shaken up the very traditional British monarchy and we’re obsessed – with Meghan mostly. Intelligent and ridiculously stylish, she’s also a proud feminist. So we wonder how she feels about this latest news. It turns out, if she and Harry have daughters, they won’t inherit their parents' dukedom title.

When they got married, Queen Elizabeth made Harry and Meghan Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The thing is, a dukedom can only be inherited by a male heir – so any future daughters won’t get a look in. And if they don’t have any sons, the title will die out. That can’t be fair!

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Meghan Markle's firsts: How the  Duchess of Sussex is smashing the royal glass ceilinghttps://t.co/h9kPzDIBJT

— The Telegraph (@Telegraph) June 6, 2018

There have been changes to age-old royal rules before. The Succession to the Crown Act 2013, which relates to future kings or queens, changed it so that birth order, not gender, determined who would next take the throne. (That’s why William and Kate’s Princess Charlotte is fourth in line while new brother Louis is fifth.) Some campaigners have been demanding equality for female royals for ages to no avail.

Meghan Markle's daughters won't inherit title. https://t.co/0OL0Yv97XP pic.twitter.com/XZmODojEGL

— Toronto Sun (@TheTorontoSun) June 4, 2018

For now, the new Royals’ titles will die out if they don’t have sons – but if anyone’s likely to change more of the British Royals’ rules, we reckon it’s the new Duchess.

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