Matt Damon continues to win over the hearts of locals in Dalkey where he and his family have been staying through the coronavirus lockdowns

Matt Damon has congratulated the graduates of Loreto Abbey in Dalkey in a new video that is circulating on Twitter.

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Journalist Flor Mac Carthy, whose daughter is a student at Loretto Abbey, shared Damon's kind message in a tweet on May 15:

BREAKING: (hearts💘!) Special message just now from the lovely lad next door, for the 6th yr girls, Loreto Abbey Dalkey. Cool surprise org by their amazing teachers on what would have been their final day in school. Fair play #MattDamon #LeavingCert

— Flor Mac Carthy (@florNEWS) May 15, 2020

In the video, Damon said: “Hey this is Matt Damon. I wanted to say congratulations to the Loretto Abbey graduating class of 2020. You guys are awesome.

“I’m sorry you had to do all this from quarantine. But congratulations, what an achievement, good for you guys, thinking about you.”

Eoin Hughes, a teacher a Loreto Abbey, said in a tweet that today was supposed to be graduation day, and that a Virtual Spirit Day was hosted for the students:

So, this just happened...
Well, today was a fun & very surprising day for our school, Loreto Abbey Dalkey, as our 6th Year students graduated & we had Virtual Spirit Day for all 🤗
Thank you, Matt Damon! 👍 @LoretoFaithDev #edchatie #AppleEDUchat

— Eoin Hughes (@_ehughes_) May 15, 2020

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Damon and his family relocated to Ireland earlier this year to accommodate the filming of Damon’s new movie “The Last Duel.”

Getting caught up in the lockdown, Damon and his family have remained in Dalkey, which Damon has recently described as a “fairytale.”

Speaking on the SPIN 1038's Graham & Nathan on Irish radio earlier this week, Damon said: “This is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.

"I’m with my whole family, I’ve got my kids, and we have teachers with us because we were planning on missing school for about eight weeks.

"So we’ve got what nobody else has, which is actual live human beings teaching our kids, the schools are all shut down back home and all the kids are doing remote learning.

"So we feel guilty, we’ve got this kind of incredible set up in this place, it’s just absolutely gorgeous.

He added: “Even in the lockdown, they’re like you’ve gotta stay within two kilometers of your house, I mean two kilometers of here there’s trees and forests and woods and oceans.

"I can’t think of any place else you’d rather want to be in a two-kilometer radius of”.

He told Spin that he and his family plan on staying in Dublin until the end of his children's school year. 

“Look, we’re staying. We were supposed to leave last week because the movie was meant to be done by now but we’re staying ‘til the end of the kids’ school year just because it’s so peaceful here and everybody’s handling it so well. You walk down the street, everybody’s minding all the guidelines.”

You can watch Matt Damon’s exclusive interview with SPIN 1038 here:

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