"Mamma Mia" and ABBA fans have gone so crazy for Irish star Pierce Brosnan that they've even tried to steal his flip-flops from the Greek island where the movie was made!

The flip-flops, hanging from a nail in the office of a local travel agent on the Greek island of Skopelos, have had to be nailed down to protect them from the advances of the droves of devoted "Mamma Mia" and ABBA fans who flock there.

Marion Festen of Thalapos Holidays said: "At first it was only kids and women, now whole groups of tourists come in," said. "It has become quite a problem, many of the men are embarrassed.'

For the record Pierce wore size seven flip-flops — and he remains by far the most-popular star from the movie with locals.

Locals say he did a lot of late-night drinking with islanders and endeared himself to them with his no-nonsense approach to life.

He also sent personal thank-you notes after filming was completed to islanders he met.

"Mamma Mia," which starred Brosnan and Meryl Streep, has grossed the highest DVD sales of any film in history as well as record sales for the album.

One crazed fan from Sweden has seen the movie 158 times and vists the island all the time — no easy task as there is only one ferry a week or an occasional bumpy 50-minute flight from the mainland.

But while the locals still love Pierce, they are torn between their traditional way of life and the economic benefits.

House prices have shot up and hotels are constantly full, but on the down side the simple way of life is under threat with tourists overrunning the island.

The quaint church the "Mamma Mia" characters were married in is a popular venue for engaged couples — until tourists discover they cannot get married there — only Greek Orthodox couples can.

One couple even went so far to change their religion in order to do so.