I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want, but mind you I have a particular set of Irish manners. Manners I have acquired over a very long career and Irish upbringing, as Liam Neeson might have said.

On Wednesday, the Ballymena-native and star of the “Taken” films was at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre to see a performance of Denzel Washington’s “The Iceman Cometh”. But, what Liam Neeson did during the show made him the real star of the evening.

Liam Neeson swapped seats at Broadway show to avoid blocking views https://t.co/Jn5mSUb4jQ pic.twitter.com/qCKobwComP

— Page Six (@PageSix) June 22, 2018

Neeson, who is 6-foot-4, had a seat in the front of the theatre, but being the gentleman he is, the actor felt that he was blocking the view of some people behind him.

Because of this, Neeson swapped seats with someone near the back of the theatre so he wouldn’t be obstructing anyone’s view.

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Everyone who has ever been stuck behind a tall person at a concert, movie theater, or sporting event will know that there’s nothing worse than being behind someone who blocks your view. What Liam did was only right and I think all of the tall people out there who choose to sit in the front of a show should have a second thought about who might be behind them.

Would you do the same in Liam’s position?

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