Comedian Kevin Hart took time out during his recent trip to Ireland to visit the Dublin MMA fighter Conor McGregor's gastro pub in Crumlin.

It wasn’t all work and no play for Kevin Hart in Dublin last week. The comic, in town for a show at the 3Arena, made a food/booze pit stop at Conor McGregor’s pub/restaurant the Black Forge Inn a few days ago, and though the boss wasn’t there to greet his famous guest – he’s livin’ it up on his yacht somewhere – they did arrange a FaceTime call.

Hart, who also had a gig in Belfast, was mighty impressed with Conor’s place where he got the VIP treatment.

"I wanted to get you on the phone just to say thank you for the hospitality,” Hart told Conor over FaceTime.

“Your crew, where you are being represented, is really strong, man. It’s a good look. I can't wait to connect. I know you’re tied up. I just wanted to say hey and say thank you, that’s all."

Conor was in the middle of getting a post-workout back massage when the call came in. “I’m working hard, but I’m the same as yourself. I appreciate and respect hard-workers bro. That’s what you are,” he told Hart.

“Congrats on the tequila with one. Congrats on everything you’re doing on the solo shows in Ireland.”

Check out the video of Kevin Hart FaceTiming Conor McGregor here: