James Martin, who starred in "An Irish Goodbye" which won an Academy Award for Best Short Film on March 12, has said he'll return to his job in a Starbucks in Belfast.

Martin, 31, has been working at Starbucks on Castle Lane in Belfast for a decade and plans to return to his job despite the fact that he won an Oscar on Sunday night at the 95th Academy Awards. He also works at Scalini's Italian restaurant as well as balancing his blossoming acting career.

Martin, who has Down Syndrome, stole the crowd's hearts on March 12 at the Oscar Awards when the directors of "An Irish Goodbye" Tom Berkeley and Ross White, as well as his co-star Seamus O’Hara, led the crowd in singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

Ahead of the Oscars, the Belfast Starbucks gave the future Academy Award winner a send-off fit for a star:

Our leading man #JamesMartin was given a red carpet send off by his colleagues @StarbucksUK #Belfast

Having worked at Starbucks for 10 years, James will be swapping his apron for a tuxedo next month at the #Oscars pic.twitter.com/GagE7db833

— An Irish Goodbye (@AnIrishGoodbye_) February 25, 2023

Speaking to the Newsletter at the BAFTAs in February, Martin already knew that he would return to work, despite the fact that the movie had just won Best British Short.

“I love work and I work a lot and have done or so long,” he said.

“It’s such a friendly atmosphere there and for me I think it’s nice to have your private life."

He told Belfast Live "When I was still at school, I came home one day and told my dad that I'd got a job at Starbucks. I didn't get the job for a sympathy vote but because they told me I was the first person to come to them on work experience who actually worked!

"Ever since it has been a fantastic job and I like chatting to all the different customers who come through the doors, especially all the regulars. It's a great team to be part of and we all get along well together."

He added: "I get recognized while I’m in there all the time. When I'm walking down the street, I get asked a lot if I’m the fella from the films. It's just nice to be known but I won’t be giving up my day jobs, no matter what happens."

"An Irish Goodbye" by Ross White and Tom Berkeley sees Martin play younger brother Lorcan, estranged from his older brother, Turlough, played by Seamus O’Hara.

Following their mother’s tragic death, with Lorcan living and working on the Northern Ireland family farm, his brother returns from London with a message.
Much to Lorcan’s chagrin, his brother tells him that with their mother, played by Michelle Fairley, gone, Lorcan will have to move in with their aunt.

Check out the trailer for "An Irish Goodbye" here: