Irish weddings are the best! What's amazing is that a wedding is the one-time Irish people stand up and bare their souls about their loved ones, to their faces. Documentary maker Alex Fegan wants to capture that special moment. 

An Irish documentary company, Atom Films are producing a new feature-length movie, The Irish Wedding. Directed by Alex Fegan, the man behind the documentaries Older Than Ireland, Abbyfealegood, and The Irish Pub, is at the helm of this new flick. Fegan hopes to capture a unique portrait of Ireland through the wedding speech whether it be the groom, bride, best man, parent, or bridesmaid. 

This is the one-time Irish people stand up and speak about their loved ones in public and Fegan and his team want to discover what makes the Irish wedding speech so particularly unique. 

Atom Films are looking to reach out to any couples from all walks of life that are getting married during these crazy times of COVID-19 to see if they might like to take part.

Alex, and the movie's producer, Aileen Fegan, have already filmed half of the weddings that will be included in the doc pre-COVID but are looking to find couples who will be getting married in the next six months, during COVID, to take part to document the resilience and good nature of Irish people this strange time. They are hoping to film around 30 couples from all over Ireland and from all walks of life to make up a complete portrait of the island.

Only Alex will attend to film the speech. If you'd like to take part please email