This touching Irish wedding video is so touching it'll bring tears to your eyes during National Weddings Month!

In one of the best and sweetest surprise wedding performances we've ever seen, a group of friends and family surprised newlyweds Shane and Rachel McNally during their wedding ceremony in 2019 with a cover of "Stand By Me." 

The idea first came to their friend, Hannah O'Brien, when she realized that their wedding, held at St. Joseph's Church in Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, would have many talented singers and musicians among the guests. 

"I realized that there were going to be plenty of singers and musicians attending the wedding and saw the opportunity to do something special for the happy couple who love music," she told the Irish Mirror

With help from the band Sterling Blue, friends and family held secret rehearsals for five weeks before the wedding. 

After the ceremony, the singers began standing up from among the church pews before all coming together at the front of the church to serenade the happy couple. 

The video shows Rachel and Shane both wiping back tears as they listen to their loved ones of all ages singing. 

O'Brien called it a "special moment that we will all cherish forever." 

Ray Yore, the wedding videographer, summed it up well in his Facebook post, writing "I've never seen anything like this done before and I've been to A LOT of weddings." 

Wedding surprise

What a gorgeous surprise! You're going to need a kleenex  Ray Yore Films Starling Blue Thanks to Hannah O'Brien for sending this our way.

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Congratulations to the happy couple, and well done to their family and friends! 

* Originally published in Aug 2019, updated in Feb 2024.