An Irish couple surprised their wedding guests when they burst into a traditional Irish step dance at their reception.

Bride Aoife Neville, from Limerick, and groom Seán Longe, from Clare, both play traditional Irish music and love set dancing and céilís. The pair came up with the idea to treat their guests to a special dance at their wedding, back in 2019.

The couple comes out to the floor for their first dance and starts step dancing. They are soon joined by their friends Aiden Connolly, Michael Barry, Eoin Marrinan, Lynda McLeish, Rachel Finucane, and Karen Galvin.

The Irish Independent reported that the couple mixed a variety of steps they picked up at céilís with a few of their own.

The Shandrum Céilí Band played the music at their reception, which was held on May 21, 2019, at the Falls Hotel Ennistymon in Clare.

Irish step dancing

Irish step dancing is a traditional form of dance originating from Ireland. It is characterized by intricate footwork, rigid upper body posture, and precise movements.

Dancers perform rhythmic patterns and sequences while keeping their arms and upper body still, emphasizing the complexity of their footwork. Traditional Irish music, typically played on instruments like the fiddle, accordion, and bodhrán, accompanies the dancers.

Costumes often include dresses for girls and kilts for boys, adorned with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Irish step dancing has gained international popularity through performances, competitions, and cultural events, showcasing the rich heritage and skill of Irish dance traditions.

* Originally published in April 2019, updated in March 2024.