This Irish choir found a way to continue performing during the COVID-19 crisis with a jaw-dropping rendition of U2's "One."

The Casual Choir hosted an improvised "sofa session" to keep singing during the COVID-19 pandemic while complying with social distancing guidelines. 

The choir members all sang from their own homes rather than congregating as a group as they would have done before coronavirus hit Irish shores. 

However, they still managed to create pitch-perfect harmonies when they sang one of U2's best-known songs. 

The touching video paid tribute to everyone who is working on the frontline in the fight against coronavirus.

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The choir included Irish singers from all over the world, including Australia, the USA, Canada, and even Uruguay and it featured singers of all ages.

A one-year-old child even lent her vocals to the heartwarming effort. 

This is what happens when we host a sofa session to keep us all singing during COVID-19.

Thank you to everyone who made this video and to everyone who is keeping us safe.

One love.
Grá mór #stayathome #one #u2 @U2 #ireland

— Casual Choir (@CasualChoir) April 2, 2020

The accompanying video includes all kinds of different ways that people are practicing social distancing. There are clips of people baking, families going on walks and kids playing games among many others. 

The video also includes clips of Ireland on lockdown and shows the quiet Dublin streets and toilet roll being out of stock in a supermarket. 

One singer even wrote the lyrics to the song on a roll of toilet paper. 

The song was arranged by Róisín Savage and produced by Niamh and Siobhán Savage.  

The group tweeted out the song and received high praise indeed when U2's official Twitter account gave them an endorsement by retweeting their tweet. 

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