We've put together another list of great Irish podcasts we've discovered recently that we think you will enjoy as much as we do.

If you love taking some time out and listening to podcasts but need some new suggestions, then look no further, we have you covered.

This month we have a mixed bag of podcasts to recommend- from educational, documentary style, literature, and Celtic to just downright funny.

Basically... with Stefanie Preissner

The podcast that takes Irish news stories that you've heard but don't fully understand and makes sense of them. Each week host Stefanie Preissner, an Irish writer and creator of hit comedy-drama series Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope, has a candid chat with an expert to break down a different topic.

A recent favorite of ours was an episode on Ireland's National Archives with director Orlaith McBride. Take a listen here and learn about the history of the archives, what kind of documents are archived, Michael Collins, wills, digital archives, and much more!

Ulysses- James Joyce Podcast

This month marks 100 years since the publication of James Joyce's celebrated novel which is considered one of the most important works of modernist literature. If like many others you've struggled reading the epic piece of work first published in 1920, then give this podcast version a go.

In 1982 RTÉ Radio celebrated the centenary of Joyce's birth with a dramatized full production of 'Ulysses'; this broadcast is now considered one of the definitive adaptations of the book.

Yarn | A Story Podcast - Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury

Yarn is a documentary and storytelling podcast by John Roche and in the latest episode, he takes us beside the closed doors of a courtroom and speaks to former jurors and a top criminal law barrister of their experiences during trials.

Roache explores the jury selection process, the characters in the courtroom and the dynamics in the deliberation room. He dives into five specific trials, as told by the jurors themselves and asks the question - do they think justice was served?

We're Not F***ing Historians 

Comedian Shane Todd and author and director Hazel Hayes are on a mission to understand the colorful past of the island they call home. From the Bronze Age to Bono, Paganism to St. Patrick, every Tuesday they share a new tale from Ireland's history and have plenty of craic while they’re at it. So pull up a chair, pin back your ears, and get ready for an education in life on the Emerald Isle. 

The Moon Mná Podcast

Moon Mná presents sacred conversations for women with Celtic souls Every month Karen Ward will be in conversation with one of the Moon Mná Circle Facilitators all over Ireland, the Celtic Isles, and worldwide. 

Moon Mná Women's Celtic Circles is an international community of women, whose heart beats with Celtic soul, mná being the word for women in the Irish Gaelic language and pronounced ‘meh-naw’. 

In the latest episode, we meet Tara Wild, a women's educator, storyteller, and songstress based in Colorado, USA.

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