Critics are split in their attitude to the new Irish famine drama Black 47.

New Irish movie Black 47 is already breaking records at Irish box offices, but reviews to the new film seem to be split, especially amongst British critics.

At time of publishing, movie review site Rotten Tomatoes had Black 47 with a solid 74% approval rating from verified critics and a 91% approval rating from audiences.

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Below is a sampling of reviews from British publications regarding the new Irish famine drama Black 47:

Matthew Bond, The Mail on Sunday (UK), 4 /5 stars:

"While the Great Famine provides the brutal historical backdrop, Lance Daly's gripping film is, at heart, a Western, complete with avenging anti-hero, relentlessly pursuing posse and a couple of cracking shoot-outs." 

Simran Harris, Observer (UK), 2/5 stars:

It's unfortunate that caricatured villains lessen the impact of the film's upward punch.

Ross Miller, The National (Scotland), 4/5 stars:

A lean, mean historical actioner which doesn't hold back on brutal realities, mostly succeeding in mixing genres and grappling with weighty themes. 

Jamie East, The Sun (UK), 3/5 stars:

A taut, often violent drama with a powerhouse of a cast - Barry Keoghan, Jim Broadbent and Stephen Rea to name a few. 

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Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard, 4/5 stars:

It's not for everyone, but don't believe people who tell you Dubliner Lance Daly's third film is overly bleak or crudely anti-English.

Andy Lea, Daily Express (UK), 4/5 stars:

Frecheville doesn't have Clint Eastwood's charisma but momentum is maintained by the film's elegant cinematography, stirring soundtrack and thrilling shoot-outs. 

Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph (UK), 2/5 stars:

Hangs suspended for the most part in an über-glum middle ground that allows neither its emotional or visceral gambits to properly connect.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail (UK), 3/5 stars:

A powerful and poignant film.

Kevin Maher, Times (UK), 3/5 stars:

It's all deeply silly stuff, but within an eerily profound milieu.

Alistair Harkness, Scotsman, 3/5 stars:

Daly's film isn't subtle, but as a genre film it has a certain pulpy intensity that keeps it rattling along. 

Geoffrey Macnab, Independent (UK), 4/5 stars:

The film's mythic force is underlined by its visual style.

Katy Hayes, Sunday Times (UK), 4/5 stars:

It is disappointing that neither of the leads is Irish, though Feeney is played effectively by the cold-eyed Australian actor James Frecheville, and Jim Broadbent is wonderfully well-fed as Lord Kilmichael. 

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