George Clooney and his family spent Easter with Ireland's most famous rockstar

George Clooney stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to chat about his recent visit to Ireland.

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Surprisingly, this was Clooney’s first time visiting Ireland: “I’ve never been to Ireland - my name is Clooney, you’d think I should have gone there!”

The Irish American actor explained how he, his wife Amal, and their twins spent some time traveling around Ireland ahead of Easter this year.

Clooney even got the chance to meet some Irish relatives he had never met before, but admitted he “spent most of the afternoon trying to understand what they were saying.”

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While many Americans can relate to struggling with an Irish accent, not many can say they spent the Easter holiday with Ireland’s most famous rockstar Bono as the Clooneys did!

“We went to Bono’s house for Easter, as you do,” said Clooney jokingly. “We try to only do Easter with rockstars.”

The actor added: “It was a beautiful day, it was fun; Ireland is spectacular!”

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Watch George Clooney talk about his Irish visit with Jimmy Kimmel here: