Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly opened his show on Wednesday by giving advice to Oprah Winfrey in light of the media storm surrounding her claims of racism while on a recent trip to Zurich.

Last week the TV host revealed how a store assistant in an upmarket store in Zurich refused to show her a $38,000 Tom Ford Jennifer handbag, saying it was too expensive.

Winfrey explained: 'I was the only person in the store. I had dressed myself up extra special because I know that things can get very snobby in these kinds of stores."

'The Butler' star was in Switzerland for the wedding of her long time friend Tina Turner.

“The woman did not want to get down the bag which I wanted to look at. The effort was too much for her. She said to me, that the bag was simply too expensive. And I said: "I want to see it anyway." Instead she tossed me cheaper bags."

O’Reilly advised the media mogul it’s probably best for her to “ignore” racism like this in the future, during the Talking Points section of his show.

O’Reilly said. “Talking Points believe her critics are misguided.” He said, “That was Oprah’s experience and she has every right to express her opinions about it. The truth is there are racists. There are people who don’t like women holding power. There are all kinds of loons running around.”

The Fox host advised, “Unless the situation is serious,” Winfrey and everyone else “should ignore those troglodytes.”

“The truth is you are not going to change the minds of the ignorant and it’s not worth the effort in any case.”

Speaking about Winfrey’s success he said the fact she is “one of the most powerful human beings on the planet,” shows that race did not hold her back.

“There is racism in the world,” O’Reilly said. “It’s not going away. And if you can change it, try, but most of the time ignore it. And don’t let it dampen your life.”