A number of famous Dubliners have teamed up with Dublin County Council to film a short video urging people to #StayAtHome during the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming weeks. 

"Game of Thrones" star Aidan Gillen and veteran Irish actor Colm Meaney are among the most high-profile Dublin celebrities to appear in the social media video. 

A host of stars from the hit RTÉ show "Love/Hate," including Peter Coogan, Lar Kinlan and Aoibhinn McGinnity, also make an appearance in the video. 

Dublin comedians Eric Lalor, Enya Martin and Darren Conway additionally joined the video to urge people to stay indoors and help save lives. 

Irish television and theater actor Adrian Dunbar and Cathy Brown from "Mrs. Brown's Boys" complete the line-up.

We need to pull together on this small island, and some of Dublin’s finest have come together to send the people of Dublin City a very important message. We need to stay the course and not get complacent #StayatHome pic.twitter.com/T3sI10MIjW

— Dublin City Council (@DubCityCouncil) May 1, 2020

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"By going out unnecessarily, mixing with our neighbors, heading off down the park - even with just a couple of mates -  for a few hours, you're killing me, or your ma or you da, or yourselves," Gillen and Meaney say in the video. 

"Staying at home and saving lives, what more do you want?" said viral comedian Darren Conway. 

The stars nodded to Dublin's community spirit and asked people to draw on that to get through the coming weeks. They acknowledged how difficult it is to stay indoors in a city like Dublin. 

"Let's show the world and each other how much we value life on this small island by staying at home and saving lives," said "Love/Hate" star Lar Kinlan. 

Comedian Eric Lalor said: "We're known as a nation of storytellers. Let one of the great stories we tell our grandkids be of the time we all stayed at home and, by doing so, we collectively saved thousands and thousands of lives." 

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