One of the stars of the smash hit "Derry Girls" has hinted that the show may be heading for the big screen.

Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan, who plays the dad Gerry on "Derry Girls", was talking about the show’s massive success with Ian Dempsey on TodayFM in Ireland.

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Tiernan said: "We finished filming the second series last Friday so that'll go out in March.”

"We're doing season three and then a film maybe."

Tiernan did add: "That's all up to Lisa (McGee). That's her going away and sitting in a shed in London and just coming up with all the stories.”

McGee, a Derry native herself, created and wrote the smash television hit.

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"She's a genius I think in terms of the amount of stories she's able to fit into each episode and I think it's fantastic.”

Derry Girls is set to take the US by storm on December 21 when it finally arrives on American Netflix.

The comedy follows a group of teenage girls as they navigate growing up, all while set against the backdrop of The Troubles era of Northern Ireland in the early 1990s.

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The Irish Times reports that Derry Girls "earned an average audience of 2.5 million in Britain, making it Channel 4’s most successful original comedy since 2004, and it became the most-watched series in Northern Ireland.”

Watch the trailer for the first season of Derry Girls here:

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*Originally published in January 2019.