Following a busy year, Irish actor Colin Farrell has checked himself into rehab to avoid "going down that rabbit hole." The "In Bruges" star wishes to prevent a relapse after over a decade sober.

After celebrating 12 years of sobriety, Irish actor Colin Farrell, 41, has checked himself into the Meadows rehab clinic in Wickenburg, Arizona, according to the Daily Mail.  

A source told the Dail Mail that after an extremely busy year, working on three films back to back, the "In Bruges" star was using the time in rehab as a preventative measure because he was beginning to feel the urge to drink again after over a decade alcohol-free. 

The luxury $36,000-a-month rehab center in the Arizona desert is a popular celebrity center and has treated stars such as Tiger Woods and Selena Gomez. 

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Colin Farrell first checked into rehab in 2005.

Colin Farrell first checked into rehab in 2005.

Farrell once had a reputation as a party animal, deciding to face his demons in 2005 while he was filming Miami Vice. He has been sober ever since but on wrapping up his latest movie, decided to get help sooner rather than later feeling "overwhelmed" and fighting urges to start "using" again. 

“We all know that Colin is an addict, he's had 12 years of sobriety,” the source said.

“He was overwhelmed for the past year and the urges started to come back with being so busy at work and he felt, eventually, out of control and thought maybe he should get ahead of it before he starts using again.

"He decided to pre-emptively check himself in before it went to a bad place. He didn't want to go down that rabbit hole again.

"He's so hyper-aware that he's an addict that he felt that he could very easily start using again.

Colin Farrell on Ellen.

Colin Farrell on Ellen.

"Another week and he could have started using again. Colin has worked so hard to stay sober that the only way he thought he could get it under control was to go back and get some professional help. He has a lot of responsibilities and he thought it best to go away for a while and get help."

Known as something of a hell-raiser in his early years, Farrell first checked himself into rehab in 2005 and appeared on the Ellen show last year celebrating a full decade of sobriety. 

With the help of his friends and family, he has spoken about his realization that he had lost control of his drinking and drug habit and needed to be sober in order to care for his son James, who was born with Angelman Syndrome. He has since been applauded by other parents for his work in raising awareness of the condition that causes seizures and creates difficulty with motor skills.