Charlize Theron's Megyn Kelly already looks exquisite in the first short trailer for "Bombshell."

It may only be 1.45 minutes in length but the first new trailer for "Bombshell" makes for some tense viewing and has us anxious to see more. The "Bombshell" trailer sees Charlize Theron's Megyn Kelly in all her glory in what already looks to be a great performance from the "Monster" star. 

The new movie, written by Charles Randolph and directed by Jay Roach ("Meet the Parents," "Trumbo"), will focus on the media storm during Roger Ailes’ last days at Fox. 

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Irish American journalist Kelly was one of several women who accused Ailes of sexual misconduct while he was head of Fox News. 

In her 2016 book “Settle for More,” Kelly, who was then a fastest rising star in cable television, makes clear Ailes was stopping at nothing to have his way with her.

 Ailes died in 2017.

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Megyn Kelly's book cover "Settle for More."

Megyn Kelly's book cover "Settle for More."

The trailer for the upcoming Lionsgate movie also reveals Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson and Margot Robbie as fictional character Kayla Pospisil, both joining Kelly in a tense elevator ride. 
We also see a sneak peek at Kate McKinnon in the Fox offices while the role of Roger Ailes himself is played by John Lithgow, not shown in the trailer. 

"Bombshell" is set to hit theaters this December. 

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