Cardi B received a fan-note from U2 frontman Bono at the Grammys and it looks like it made her night

Despite her hit “Bodak Yellow” being inescapable for the last few months, Cardi B failed to bring home an award for Best Rap Song or Best Rap Performance at last evening’s Grammys but it could be argued that she still brought home the best prize of the night: Fanmail from U2 frontman Bono.

The American rapper, who sprung to fame in 2017, took to Instagram last night to show off a note given to her by Bono himself and she takes fangirling to a whole new level, delighted that the Irish rock and roll superstar knows who she is. It’s safe to say that she wouldn’t be too annoyed if he downloaded an album onto her phone for free without asking.

In an explicit post, Cardi B squealed “My god, I got a f*****g note from Bono,” while holding a pretty illegible note from the U2 singer. We guess easy-to-read handwriting isn’t a necessity for a global superstar.

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“Bitch, this is f*****g Bono,” she continued.  

“He knows me. He f*****g knows me. I can’t believe it. I can’t motherf*****g believe it. Nobody talk to me now.”

Cardi B went on to perform with Bruno Mars at the beginning of the show, thanking Mars in her normal out-there style by offering him a kidney if he ever finds himself in need.

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