Irish band pay tribute to America’s Dreamers at the foot of the Statue of Liberty in moving Grammy Awards performance.

Irish rock legends U2 wowed at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night with their poignant and powerful message, a performance of “Get Out Of Your Own Way” from their latest album “Songs of Experience.” The performance, recorded on a barge on the Hudson River on Friday, beneath the feet of the Statue of Liberty, was in honor of the Dreamers.

U2 has won 22 Grammy awards during their 40+ years of performing, but on Sunday evening they proved that old dogs do have new tricks and ones which pack a powerful punch.

The band’s tweet regarding the performance said it all:

“Blessed are the Shithole Countries, for they gave us the American Dream”#Grammys

— U2 (@U2) January 29, 2018

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Camila Cabello introduced U2’s performance, reportedly recorded on Friday evening. She said, “Tonight, in this room full of dreamers, we remember that this country was built by dreamers, for dreamers, chasing the American dream.

“I’m here on this stage tonight because just like the Dreamers, my parents brought me to this country with nothing in their pockets but hope. They showed me what it means to work twice as hard and never give up. And honestly, no part of my journey is any different than theirs. I’m a proud Cuban-Mexican immigrant born in Eastern Havana. Standing in front of you on the Grammy stage in New York City and all I know is just like dreams, these kids can’t be forgotten and are worth fighting for.”

She continued, “Tonight, it is my great honor to introduce one of the greatest bands in music history – U2. The band from Ireland first rocked the Grammy boat when they won their first four awards 30 years ago for 'The Joshua Tree,' an album that explored their own powerful connection with the American dream.

“46 Grammy nominations and 22 awards later, they extend their stunning Grammy legacy tonight by celebrating New York City and the promise that has drawn generations of immigrants here from around the world. Here they are on the Hudson River performing in front of a beautiful lady who inspired these timeless words by Emma Lazarus.”

As different people’s eyes flashed behind the four-piece band the lyrics to the songs seemed particularly relevant to the current political climate.

“I can help you, but it’s your fight, your fight,” Bono sang.

“Fight back/Don’t take it lyin’ down, you got to bite back/The face of liberty’s starting to crack/She had a plan up until she got smacked in the mouth/And it all went south.”

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At the end of the song Bono took hold of a bullhorn, decorated in stars and stripes and shouted:

Blessed are the arrogant for there is the kingdom of their own company

Blessed are the bullies for one day they will have to stand up to themselves.

About 690,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children depend on the Dreamers program to live and work in the United States.

“I mean, we’re Irish! We’re the Dreamers,” Bono said last year during an appearance on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.”

“This country was built for and by Dreamers,” he added. “If there’s no room for Dreamers, where are we in America? Where are we? It’s the American dream.”

On Sunday night, the Irish band also performed with Kendrick Lamar during the opening of the show. Lamar performed his collaboration with U2, “XXX.” Comedian Dave Chappelle also made a strange surprise appearance on stage.

Here’s some highlights from Sunday night’s Grammy Awards:

U2’s Innocence + Experience tour

Bono and the boys are headed back on the road in May for the second half of their 2018 'eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE' tour. This will kick off in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 2 and end in November. On Monday morning the band announced that they will perform in Dublin's 3 Arena on Monday, Nov 5 and Tuesday, Nov 6. They’ll also play in the SSE Arena in Belfast on Saturday, Oct 27. Tickets to the Irish shows go on sale this Friday, Feb 2.