Musical genes definitely run in the Hewson family.  Bono’s son Eli, 18, is fronting a Dublin band called Inhaler – a four piece just like U know who. 

The band played to a select group of record company heads recently in Dublin, and word is they were hugely impressive.  A record deal can’t be far behind.

Eli, the third of Bono and Ali’s four kids, spoke to Hot Press magazine about his band and, of course, his famous pop.

“Obviously I’ve been around music since I was born, but I only really got into rock ‘n’ roll when I was 13. We really believe in our music.  Obviously connections are gonna come into play, but that can only get you in the door once,” Eli said.

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The teen is happy to take advice from Bono, but he says Inhaler will do its own thing and might even challenge U2 in the popularity stakes one day.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh Bono?!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh Bono?!

“I’m sure it’s freaky for him – and I hope we give him a run for his money. I’ll listen to him as my dad,” Eli said.

“His musical influences and musical tastes are his. He might say, ‘That’s a great song. What are you doing with that lyric, what are you doing with that melody?’

“But at the end of the day, it’s ours.  We go with what we want… and he can wait in line.”

Growing up as a child of Bono didn’t give Eli a swelled head. If that had happened, his schoolmates would have given him “a kick in the face.”

“I didn’t really know about my ‘position’ until I was about 10 years old.  I went to Dalkey School Project National School, grew up as a normal kid.  Okay, I had a bigger house and everything, but I think I considered myself about as privileged as anybody else there,” he said.

Bono was at the Dublin show, in the back of the venue, to see his son do his thing.  It must have brought him back in time to when he and his three friends were starting out.

“It is a risky business, we knew that going into it, but I couldn’t see myself doing anything else,” Eli said.

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Here's the band's most viewed YouTube video: