70 Minutes of Home is a new video campaign launched by Irish firm FRS Recruitment aimed at providing Irish people living abroad with a unique taste of home.

The first film, "70 Minutes of Croker," which you can watch below, features the iconic Croke Park in Dublin, home to the GAA.

Filmed using a Slow TV technique, the relaxing and mesmerizing videos will take a different look at various parts of Ireland. A film featuring Co Galway will be released on October 28, and a film featuring scenes from Co Kerry will be unveiled on November 4.

The utterly soothing films will be available to enjoy on the GAAGO app, which FRS Recruitment has partnered with this year. Segments of the 70-minute videos will be shown before games and at halftime on matches featured on GAAGO.

The videos will also be available on FRS Recruitment's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages, as well as at 70MinsOfHome.ie.

Speaking about the launch of 70 Minutes of Home, Colin Donnery, General Manager of FRS Recruitment, said: “With travel having become more difficult during the pandemic, getting on a flight to go back to Ireland has not been an option this year.

"In these circumstances, many members of the global Irish community are looking at other ways of getting a regular taste of Ireland. Watching GAA games is an important and popular means for the Irish community abroad to stay connected. Spending 70 minutes watching pulsating GAA action is one of the few ways you can be transported back to the comfort of home.  

“As part of our partnership with the GAA, we wanted to build on that experience and give the Irish community abroad a further taste of home. Our 70 Minutes of Home videos take a unique look at different parts of Ireland. The SlowTV approach provides a strong,  immersive experience. They aren’t just films of Ireland, they are windows of home. 

“Home has become increasingly important to many Irish abroad during this pandemic. Many are considering moving back home and they have been speaking to us about various career opportunities. Some members of the global Irish community want to get back to the cities,  towns, and villages they grew up in.

"We hope with these 70 Minutes of Home videos, they’ll get another glimpse of what is on offer back here in Ireland. A reminder of what they can return to, so that we in FRS Recruitment can help them do just that,” Donnery said. 

You can watch the first installment in the 70 Minutes of Home video series here, courtesy of FRS Recruitment:

The 70 Minutes of Home video campaign is the latest part of FRS Recruitment’s ‘Ireland is Hiring’  initiative, which seeks to recruit qualified ex-pats for jobs in Ireland, particularly across the healthcare, IT, construction, medical device/ pharmaceutical, and financial sectors. FRS  Recruitment has been running ‘Ireland is Hiring’ since 2018 when they caught the attention of the Irish ex-pat community by offering free flights home to successful candidates.  

FRS Recruitment has ten offices nationwide, with locations in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Tipperary, Limerick, Kerry, Kilkenny, Offaly, Cavan, and Roscommon. A 100% Irish business, FRS Recruitment is part of the FRS Network – the social enterprise co-operative.