Allie Sherlock, a well-known young Irish busker, shocked crowds in London with her voice

An incredible 12-year-old Irish singer shocked the unsuspecting staff of a London toy store recently by revealing an amazing voice when asked to test out a new kids’ karaoke machine.

Allie Sherlock is well-known in Ireland as “Ireland’s youngest busker” and featured on Irish TV when her jaw-dropping YouTube covers were discovered. The Cork native often wows crowds on Dublin’s Grafton Street, especially with her Adele covers, but her star had yet to shine across the sea to England.

On a recent trip to London, however, the staff at Hamleys just imagined she was the average young shopper and asked her to try out the new Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit, only to be completely blown away by her talent.

Sherlock took on Zara Larsson's “Uncover” and left staff and other shoppers gobsmacked by her massive voice.

The round of applause at the end really says it all and we can safely say it won’t be long before plenty more people know all about little Allie.

Having played the guitar for just three years, her Facebook page (which already has almost 57, 000 likes) states it all when she says, “I am 12 years old and i just love to sing.”

It was just earlier this year when the Cork singer came to national Irish attention when a video of her singing Ed Sheeran better than even Ed Sheeran himself was viewed by over 1.2 million people in just one week.

The 12-year-old travels up to Dublin from Cork once a fortnight to perform on the streets, coming up once a week when the weather is good. A massive fan of Ed Sheeran, and only in her first year of Irish high school, Sherlock is now home-schooled as she suffered from bullying after becoming a viral sensation.

H/T: Irish Examiner